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‘Play Pretend’ is a Nostalgic and Fun New Single From Liz Lieber

On her engrossing and charming fifth single ‘Play Pretend’, Liz Lieber showcases the most playful and nostalgic side of her immersive country-pop sound, capturing the carefree and imaginative nature of childhood, anchored by her rousing sound and vocals.


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Liz Lieber delivers a soulful performance in her latest single “No Place Like This”

“Drawing inspiration from iconic artists such as Carole King, Sara Bareilles, and Amy Winehouse, Lieber creates a sound that is both timeless and contemporary.”


Singer-Songwriter Liz Lieber Releases New Single No Place Like This

“In ‘No Place Like This,’ Liz reminds us that true magic can be found in the beauty of everyday life and the love we share with those around us.”


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“She is known for her exquisite singing abilities, which have earned her a faithful fanbase on both Instagram and TikTok. On the latter platform, Liz’s average views per post are 40,538, while her average engagement rate stands at 22.59%. These statistics reflect the strong connection she has built with her audience, who eagerly anticipate her latest updates.”


Interview with Pop

Singer-Songwriter Liz Lieber

"What is the most rewarding part of your work?

Getting to see people forget their troubles, even if just for a moment."


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Liz Lieber - No Place Like This

“With a penchant for nostalgia and sonic richness, her tracks are storytelling orbs of mellow acoustics and sweet emotions.” 


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